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Missouri School for the Deaf

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School Interpreter - MSD
Fulton, Missouri
United States

SALARY $42,024 annually (11-month position with month of July off) ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Provides interpreting for educational planning meetings (IEPs), staff meetings, workshops and trainings, medical and mental health consultations, human resources, etc. Provides some interpreting for residential and extra-curricular activities with some travel involved. Provides interpreting in the classroom, as needed or in compliance with IEP goals, as well as consulting with the IEP team on communication needs. Assists the communication department, in consultation with administration, to promote the school's communication philosophy. Assists with the procurement of interpreting services for school, residential, and extracurricular activities. Assists in maintaining a schedule which will meet the interpreting needs of the school, residential, and extracurricular activities. Perform language and communication observations during structured (classroom) and informal settings (cafeteria/recess). Assist with outreach department functions and provide guidance on interpreting-related matters with Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Performs other related duties as assigned. The incumbent must have the ability to perform the essential functions below either with or without reasonable accommodations. EDUCATION REQUIRED/PREFERRED Associate's Degree from an accredited college or university is required. Bachelor's Degree or higher in Interpreting is preferred. Missouri sign language interpreter's license or certification necessary to obtain one. Preferred certifications include Missouri Interpreter Certification System (MICS) Advanced or Master certifications; RID CI/CT, CSC, NIC Advanced or Master certifications; NAD Level 4 or 5 certification; or Certified Deaf Interpreter certification. Will consider RID Ed:K-12 certification. Three (3) years professional interpreting experience preferred. Knowledge of Missouri's certification and licensure regulations as well as interpreter code of professional conduct. Knowledge of deafness, Deaf culture, and interpreting. Knowledge of American Sign Language, Pidgin Signed English, and other sign systems. Ability to interpret for residential and extra-curricular activities outside of regular working hours as needed. Ability to interpret from both spoken English to sign language and sign language to spoken English effectively. Ability to interpret effectively for children and adults with a wide range of language abilities. Ability to interpret for one-on-one meetings, conference calls, small and large groups, as well as platform interpreting for large audiences. Ability to be flexible to changes in schedule and able to respond to any last minute or urgent requests. Ability to educate hearing, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing individuals regarding the proper utilization of an interpreter. (Other qualifications and experience, which in the opinion of the Commissioner of Education meet the requirements of the position may be accepted in lieu of the above.)

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