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Company Information

Bureau of Reclamation

Job Information

Summer Internship Program 2022 USBR

Each summer the TSC seeks motivated, hard-working, resourceful individuals for our summer internship program. Candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in engineering or related science fields. Limited spots may be available for other disciplines.

The program typically includes:

-an 11-week summer internship
-weekly professional development series
-field trips to local Reclamation facilities
-capstone poster or webinar symposium
-networking activities

Interns are matched to groups and projects based on current workload and the intern’s field of study. We have opportunities in:
-Civil Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Environmental Engineering
-Geotechnical Engineering
-Materials Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Water Asset Management

Interns must abide by all federal regulations.
Interns must pass a federal background check.
Interns must be U.S. Citizens or U.S. Nationals.
Interns must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic program.
Internships should be completed between May 2 and August 26, 2022.

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter
Computing, Engineering, Science

Application Information

Email an interest letter and a copy of your resume.

Combine all submission documents into a single file with the name:
(e.g., CE_Smith_Jane_2022.pdf)
CE=Civil Eng.
EE=Electrical Eng.
ME=Mechanical Eng.
MSE= Materials Science Eng.
ENV= Environmental
POL= Policy