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Company Information

American School for the Deaf

Job Information

PreK-12 Teacher
139 N. Main Street
West Hartford, Connecticut. 06107
United States

Position Description
Position: Teacher
Supervisor: Principal
Description: Full time – 10 Months Benefits Eligible Exempt

Scope of Duties
Under the supervision of the departmental principal, instructs Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
Primary Duties
Teaches a variety of academic and/or vocational subjects.
Prepares appropriate materials and lesson plans.
Writes report cards, progress reports and other documents, as needed.
Assists in developing I.E.P.s and participates in PPT meetings, child staffings and other meetings.
Evaluates and reports on student performance using evidence-based assessments.
Participates in school curriculum development.
Implements behavior intervention plans.
Participates in staff development.
Directs the work of Teacher Aides and/or Residential Counselors in the classroom.
Instruct students using an ASL/English Bilingual approach.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Master’s Degree in Education of the Deaf/Special Education (dual certification preferred), and appropriate State of CT Teacher Certification; (057 and/or 065).
Ability to work in a collaborative team setting. Ability to work flexible hours when needed.
Ability to communicate effectively using American Sign Language (ASL).ASLPI rated preferred.

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