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American School for the Deaf

Job Information

Director of Student Life
139 N. Main Street
West Hartford, Connecticut. 06107
United States

Directs/supervises the activities of the following departments: Student Life; Core, PACES, International, Transportation Services, Athletic Department, and Camp Isola Bella
Provides leadership and guidance to determine and identify long and short range plans for the dormitory, aligning with the current accreditation goals and plans, and the American School for the Deaf’s strategic plan.
Through partnership with school leaders, provides leadership in creating and facilitating an effective living-learning environment for students by school-dorm/after school activity collaboration and curriculum infusion in residence halls.
Establishes a safe and nurturing residential environment to live and learn.
Oversees and provides leadership to all Class and Organizations.
Handles Residential Life personnel matters; recruitment, selection, and evaluation; authorizes personnel actions.
Plans, prepares and oversees the budget. Authorizes expenditures and assures a balanced budget.
Sets professional development goals for employees of residential units to increase all-around knowledge of Student Life's objectives and programs.
Encourages staff growth by supporting their professional membership in Student Life and related organizations; shares best practices developments with staff, particularly in the areas of student development and environmental management. Helps personnel to increase competencies by supporting them in participating in continuing education programs, in-service training programs, seminars, workshops and coordinate internal training programs for Residence Education staff.
Oversees the formulation and ensures enforcement of residence hall policies and regulations; oversees the documentation of all residence hall incident reports and other disciplinary actions. Oversees the managing of accurate student disciplinary records and professional staff actions that are in accordance with rules governing the privacy and confidentiality of all records, and provides leadership in creating school-wide linkages with teachers, staff and students in addressing personal safety issues and well as discussing and resolving disruptive behavior.
Assures periodic assessments of the resident hall environment and student needs/satisfaction. Participates in research activities and program evaluations projects as requested.
Oversees the maintenance of the dorm facilities, oversees requests for repairs, construction or improvements to the Residential Life facilities to align with policies and procedures and in compliance with state licensing requirements. Conducts ongoing program reviews and risk management activities to ensure a health and safe environment for students and staff.
Serves as essential personnel and responds to emergency situations according to set policies and procedures.
Complies with licensing requirements for both the Core and PACES residential program, including Connecticut DCF and Connecticut DDS, as well as other state licensing requirements.
Oversees the ASD International Student Program, including housing, medical, transportation, staffing, and activities.
Other related duties as assigned.

Master’s degree in education or related field from an accredited college or university preferred.
Strong background in Mental Health or Psychology highly desirable.
Must have a minimum of five years’ experience in a program for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and youth, or in a closely related field.
Demonstrated administrative and supervisory skills are required. Must be willing to travel.
Sign Language proficiency is required.
May live in campus housing. Be on-call for school/campus emergencies.

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