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American School for the Deaf

Job Information

Transition Services Assistant
139 N. Main Street
West Hartford, Connecticut. 06107

Under the supervision of the Coordinator of Student Transition Services, the Transition Services Assistant will serve as job coach and ambassador for the ASD Transition Services department.

Communication Skills:
Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of communication styles with the primary use of American Sign Language (ASL) and English
Communicate with local businesses regarding program workers (student progress)
Prepare emails and communication with ASD departments and outside agencies (i.e. vocational rehabilitation, other)
Communicate with and follow up with community-based organizations on behalf of the program
Computer Skills:
Prepare, submit, & follows-up weekly regarding program transportation requests
Prepare data collection summaries & rubrics, power points, excel sheets, google surveys, google docs, and other digital information
Serve as job coach, model work tasks, and collect data at work sites
Demonstrate an awareness of individual student needs as related to physical and communication accommodations during on and off-campus experiences
Participate in Transition Services planning meetings
Research and organize community exposure outings
Research college and employment career fairs on behalf of the program
Reinforce travel training with students and teachers
Ability to follow through with on and off campus activities and lessons with students (1:1, small group, and large group)
Maintain confidentiality regarding student services
Assist with college fairs and other on and off-campus transition events
Research purchase options for necessary program items
Assist with special projects and other related duties as assigned


Full-time/ 221 Days -will follow the academic calendar and additional days will be decided by department supervisor(s)
Non union position
Hours: 35 hours per week (flexible)

Associates Degree
Proficient in ASL and English
Proficient in basic computer applications
Ability to secure a “S” or “V” license endorsement preferred
Able to work adjusted hours in order to collaborate with local business

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter, Application Form
Liberal Arts

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