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American School for the Deaf

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Camp Waterfront
410 Twin Lakes Road
Salisbury. 06079

Under the supervision of the Camp Director provides the aquatics program to campers ages eight to eighteen at a summer camp focused on campers who are deaf/hard of hearing or children of deaf adults.
• Responsible/prepares for all waterfront and aquatics/boating activities.
• Ensures compliance with policies/regulations of school, town and state.
• Maintains licensing requirements for the Department of Public Health and certification requirements for the ACA.
• Ensures adequate safety/health care issues are in place and implemented by staff, campers and visitors.
• Responsible for general maintenance/ care of waterfront/ boating equipment and registration/insurance. Reports equipment problems to Camp Director.
• Instructs, on a scheduled basis, a series of classes in small craft (boating), water safety and is responsible for the beginning and end of summer inventory of waterfront equipment and needs assessment.
• Evaluates campers’ swimming/boating skills to establish appropriate record keeping procedures.
• Participates in general camp activities (e.g. off island camping, day trips) as directed.
• Performs other duties as assigned by the Camp Director.

Applicants must be 21 or older, must have current WATERFRONT lifeguard certification, boating license, small craft safety certification and experience pertaining to operating a waterfront facility. Ability to use or the willingness to learn sign language is required.

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