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Company Information

Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation

Job Information

CASLI Testing Manager

SUMMARY: The Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation (CASLI) oversees administration of CASLI’s examination through CASLI Exam System, a testing platform that is used by CASI’s network of LTA (Local Testing Administrators) and our contracted test delivery vendor that administer CASLI’s exams nationwide. CASLI is seeking Testing Manager to provide support with managing the national LTA network, and to support CASLI’s operations by providing administrative and operational support to Local Test Administers (LTAs), to exam candidates, to the Testing Director, and to the CASLI Managing Board. The Testing Manager must have experience working independently as a highly organized, flexible (e.g., available on some weekends) “self-starter”, with excellent time management skills, and ability to prioritize tasks to the needs of the job and meet strict deadlines. The Testing Manager either should have – or be able to quickly learn – a good understanding of the roles and duties of an LTA, be able to recruit, train, and provide support for LTAs and be able to act as liaison between LTAs and the testing platform, and be able to address candidate, test site or test administration issues as they arise. The Testing Manager will also have oversight of the technical aspect of CASLI Exam System and work with the developers of our platform. Additionally, the Testing Manager will support the Testing Director with planning and coordinating logistics for special projects as part of the testing development process.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The Testing Manager supervises the testing specialist who is the frontline customer service provider for general inquiries. For higher level inquiries, the Testing Manager is the primary point of contact and support provider for Local Test Administrators (LTAs) and contracted vendors to support the proper administration of exams and provide troubleshooting support. This requires excellent written communication and interpersonal communication (“soft”) skills. The Testing Manager will:
Respond to email and phone inquiries from candidates, LTAs, and testing vendors in a timely manner. Provides support to LTAs and others throughout the exam process.
Recruit new LTA sites to expand CASLI’s network of LTAs and ensure all documentations are received as part of the onboarding process.
Train and support LTAs and contracted vendor(s) for consistent administration of the CASLI’s Knowledge and Performance Exams nationwide. Address and troubleshoot any exam inconsistencies as they arise and after reports are received.
Maintain and update the LTA manual and ensure all LTA are trained to administer CASLI exams.
Resolve any LTA and candidate issues at test sites or with test delivery platform, as they arise

ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Testing Manager will have daily operational and administrative duties to:
Use the customer relations management database (CRM) to add (or refund) payments, input exam prerequisites, and reconcile/process payments for raters and LTAs.
Upload weekly eligible candidates lists and send official exam results to RID’s certification department.
Recommend policies and procedures, as needed, to maximize efficiency, quality, and consistency within CASLI operations.
Process and upload exam results, including manual data entry when necessary.
Oversee reconciliation of monthly reports with invoices received (LTA sites, raters, etc.) and other reconciliation as needed.
Extract and analyze database reports as requested.

Assess testing complaints, appeals, and issues with test administrators or test sites and take steps to resolve any issues that arise.
Monitor and support with appeals and testing accommodations requests process in conjunction with the Director of Testing.
Intake, review, investigate and respond to exam appeals from candidates in accordance to appeals policies
Investigate, resolve and respond to appeals made on the basis of test-site or technical issues

OTHER DUTIES: The Testing manager will also have other duties critical to the operations of CASLI as assigned, such as:
Maintain and update CASLI website and social media ensuring accuracy and information are current.
In collaboration with the Director of Testing, have some oversight and provide support with exam development, maintenance, and administration projects.
Assist in arranging meetings, including logistics, preparation of meeting materials, etc., as needed.
Employ measures to keep test materials and candidate identities confidential and secure.
Any other tasks as assigned.

Bachelor degree or higher
Four years of related experience (e.g. in testing, administrative support and customer service, project coordination/management, etc.)
Technical proficiency across a wide array of software, applications, operating systems, etc.
Experience with or ability to quickly learn database programs, WordPress, video editing, web-based applications, video conferencing software, including MS Office and Google Products, etc.
Proven diplomacy skills and commitment to customer service
Excellent attention to detail, accuracy, and independent decision-making
Ability to prioritize tasks and meet strict deadlines
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Ability work in a team-based environment
Demonstrated administrative and management skills
Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail, accuracy and confidentiality
Experience with or ability to demonstrate a deep understanding of issues of equity in the workplace and/or the interpreting field, implicit bias, systemic racism, etc.
Native or near-native ASL and written English fluency

Master’s degree in a related field (psychometrics, business management, project management, assessment, etc.)
Six years or more of experience in administrative support/customer service, project management or project coordination.
Data entry or experience working with a CRM database.

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