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Oregon School for the Deaf

Job Information

1 on 1 Teaching Aide/Teaching Assistant/Substitute teacher
999 Locust St.
Salem, Oregon. 97301
United States

Because of the wide variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities of OSD students (and because of each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)), every student’s educational program is individualized.

The Teaching Assistant position, therefore, allows teachers to individualize student programs to best meet their unique needs. The Teaching Assistant works with teachers in carrying out students’ IEP goals, from one-on-one or small group instruction, assistance in finding or getting a job, assistance in going to the Student Health Services, to preparing bulletin boards and materials for the classroom. Teaching Assistants supervise students in a variety of settings, with in sight supervision at all times. Student problems or any concerns are promptly shared with the appropriate personnel.

● Support instructors by assisting with the provision of cognitive and/or self-help skills, monitoring student behavior, and providing clerical classroom support.
● Help teacher(s) implement behavior plans and academic programs for students. Assist teacher(s) in behavior management of students including active involvement, observations, collection, recording and interpreting data. Remain with students to ensure safety.
● Escort/supervise students to and from classes and activities. Supervise recess, bus, meals, and other non-instructional time. Includes on- and off-campus educational programs, and also may involve occasionally driving a state vehicle.
● Follow teacher-made lesson plans with an individual or small group of students in the elementary, middle, and/or high school departments.
● Assist in clean up or activity preparation.
● Maintain an understanding and review of Educational Staff Handbook and OSD/ODE policies and procedures to assist in providing direction regarding performance of daily duties in order ensure the health, safety and welfare of students.

Equivalent to a high school diploma and six months of paid or unpaid experience working with or caring for children, preferably in groups; OR Two years of college courses in Education.

● Required to obtain a first aid card and pass Oregon Type 10 license to provide student transportation in state vehicles.
● Must meet and maintain the ASL level 3, or intermediate level required for this position, as assessed by the ASLPI within 12 weeks of hire and regularly after that.
● The employee in this position is required to pass a criminal history background and fingerprint-based criminal history record check as required by ORS 326.603 and OAR 581-021-0500. There is a fee (payable by the successful candidate) of $71.50 for the process.

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Liberal Arts

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