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Company Information

Rochester School for the Deaf

Job Information

Teaching Assistant
1545 St. Paul street
Rochester, New York. 14621

TA’s work under the direction of the classroom teacher and assist in providing educational experiences, including working with small groups of students, working one-on-one with students, making materials, super supervising transitions of students, and other activities as assigned for students in our programs. With additional training and education, some of our TAs go on to become classroom teachers. It is a wonderful way to begin a meaningful career in education and become part of a thriving Deaf community.

● Bachelor's degree or Associate's degree in the field of Human Services
● NYS certification as a Teaching Assistant or the ability to obtain it
● Experience working with young children (newborn to age 5)
● Effectively communicate using American Sign Language (ASL) and written English

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter
Associate, Bachelor

Application Information

Submit application found on the website at to