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Company Information

Deaf Hearing Communication Centre

Job Information

Deaf Community Engagement Manager
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reporting to the Development Director, the Deaf Community Engagement Manager will be part of a dynamic Communications team.

Initially this role will be funded by a 1-year grant from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to improve public health messaging for the Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind communities.
We are seeking a creative, entrepreneurial, and outgoing individual who is dedicated to getting the job done. While our aim is to build broad awareness, our key messaging targets/user audiences are public health information and Deaf/hard of hearing/DeafBlind people.
The position can be partially or fully remote initially, but the Deaf Community Engagement Manager must be available to work in the Philadelphia region for on-site meetings with partners, etc..

• Convene a large group of Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind organizations to discuss and formalize a communications and response plan for future public health, natural or manmade emergencies in the Philadelphia region.
• Create tools, specifically a database, that can streamline assistance to Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind residents in emergencies and disasters.
• Work closely with DHCC’s Executive Director to strengthen and expand the network of organizations providing services to the Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind communities in the Philadelphia region.
• Create content through social media and other channels that drive interest and trust in DHCC and its partnering organizations during emergencies and disasters.

Experience and Skills:
• Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills;
• Proven track record of growing engagement between individuals and organizations
• Understands how to collect data and make it useful to a wide variety of uses.
• Experience creating and managing databases

General Attributes
• Collaborative team leader with a passion for the mission and the success of the organization
• Strategic thinker with strong execution skills
• High energy and integrity; gracious professionalism; and strong interpersonal skills
• Responsible and conscientious, with solid attention to detail
• Self-starter with an entrepreneurial attitude and the imagination and ability to initiate and innovate
• Flexible and willing to adapt to changing conditions and focus
• Fluent in American Sign Language; native user preferred
• Comfortable learning new technology

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Liberal Arts

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