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Company Information

Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness

Job Information

Community Advocate
702 County Square Dr # 101
Ventura, California. 93003
United States

Under the supervision of the Director of Tri-County GLAD, the Community Advocate will:

1. Provide advocacy in the areas of Social Security, education, employment, consumer affairs, and others;
2. Provide peer counseling to deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers on problems related to personal and family adjustments, finances, employment, food, clothing and housing;
3. Assist deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers with communication access via Videophone, TTY relay, document translation, and other duties
4. Assist deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers with independent living skills
5. Daily record statistics related to the provision of services
6. Educate the deaf and hard of hearing community about various laws and programs benefiting and protecting the rights of deaf persons such as the Department of Rehabilitation, Social Security policies and the ADA, etc.
7. Assist with consumer workshops, trainings for service providers and community events
8. Provide up-to-date information and referrals from the Directory of Resources
9. Refer consumers to community resources and other organizations
10. Secure information and resources beneficial to the department on social security, immigration, mediation, etc., through workshops, seminars and networking with other agencies
11. Some typing and other light office duties as necessary
12. Driving is required as part of the job
13. Perform such tasks and responsibilities as may be assigned.

1. Undergraduate degree with two years of advocacy-related experience required.
2. Must be fluent in American Sign Language.
3. Background knowledge of various laws and programs benefiting and protecting the rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons, such as Department of Rehabilitation regulations and Social Security policies, ADA, etc.
4. Must possess the ability to relate and be sensitive to deaf persons with varied communication skills and language levels, and be able to work with a diverse, multi-ethnic population.
5. Ability to handle personal details, data and other private information. Must maintain the highest level of confidentiality.
6. Demonstrated ability to perform professionally. Punctuality and reliability are a must.
7. Demonstrated efficiency with Microsoft Office programs required.
8. Must be flexible in working remotely from home and in the office until employees return to full-time office schedule.
9. Be detail-oriented with strong organizational and written communication skills. Must prioritize and handle multiple tasks, sometimes with competing deadlines.
10. Excellent interpersonal skills are required. Must maintain a cooperative relationship with co-employees, directors, employers, outside vendors, and the CEO.
11. Must have reliable transportation and maintain up-to-date auto insurance.
12. All GLAD employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Note: As part of our hiring process, the selected candidate must complete and pass a background check of references, criminal background screening and drug screening.

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter, Application Form
Education, Health Sciences

Application Information

Fluency in American Sign Language is required.