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Company Information

Perspectives Corporation

Job Information

Interpreter For The Deaf
1130 Ten Rod Road
North Kingstown, Rhode Island. 02852
United States

Effectively interprets between American Sign Language, signed languages, and atypical language to fulfill the mission of Perspectives Corporation; this may include but is not limited to interpreting for individuals receiving services, employees, management, community members, and stakeholder in a variety of settings. Interpreters will translate and caption materials as needed. In addition, interpreters will advocate for interpreting needs, and be knowledgeable of best practices in the field. ASL Interpreters will adhere and follow the NAD-RID Professional Code of Conduct (see addendum).

• Bachelor’s Degree in Interpreting, Linguistics, Deaf Studies, or related field.
• Knowledge of the Google platform
• Must be able to mentor.
• Must participate in collegial supervision.
• Must be able to translate frozen texts to a digital platform.
• Basic supervisory skills
• Knowledge of technology, email, smart phone, etc

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