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Dyna-Empire LLC

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Machine Operator
1075 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, New York. 11530
United States

Machine Operator - Tends one or more machine tools or special-purpose machines to machine metal work pieces to specifications on production basis: Lifts work piece manually or using hoist and secures work piece in fixture or loads automatic feeding device. Starts machine, engages feed, and observes operation. Inspects and measures machined work pieces to verify conformance to specifications, using instruments, such as preset comparator, fixed gauges, calipers, micrometer, or microscope. May move machine controls and guides to adjust machine. May replace worn machine accessories, such as cutting tools or brushes. May add coolant to machine reservoir and turn valve to start flow of coolant. May file, sand, or shape machined parts, using hand tools and power tools. May clean machined parts using degreasing tank or solvent and rags. May tend machines and equipment other than machine tools.

We are willing to train those with little/no experience

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