Early Decision

If RIT is your 1st choice college, apply Early Decision to bring some certainty to your plans.

Why Apply Early Decision?

Get notified sooner in the admissions process

You’ll be notified in advance of Regular Decision applicants. While Early Decision is binding, students hear about their decision and get the necessary information about affordability, prior to making a final commitment to RIT.

Receive automatic consideration for merit scholarships and a financial aid estimate

You’ll receive a financial aid estimate from RIT before submitting your enrollment deposit so that you have all the information you need to make your college decision. Learn more

Stand out from the crowd

Admission acceptance rates tend to be higher in Early Decision since there is a smaller pool of applicants

Change your mind? Our early decision plans are friendly.

If you apply for Early Decision and determine we are not affordable, you can request to be moved from the Early Decision plan.

Early Decision Application Deadlines

Early Decision I

Application Deadline

November 1

Recommended RIT Financial Aid Application Deadline

November 1

Decision Notification


Deposit Deadline

January 15

Recommended FAFSA Submission Deadline

March 1

Early Decision II

Application Deadline

January 1

Recommended RIT Financial Aid Application Deadline

January 1

Decision Notification


Deposit Deadline

February 15

Recommended FAFSA Submission Deadline

March 1

Jake Korner headshot

"I was confident in identifying RIT as my first-choice college. I was attracted to the sense of community and a culture that accepts everyone for who they are. I was sold on the amazing co-op opportunities; having a place where I could continue to develop my interests in art, coding, and robotics; and the reduced tuition for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

I didn’t consider Early Decision until I met with my admissions counselor, and I’m so glad I took her advice. Once I got my Early Decision acceptance, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I enjoyed the rest of my senior year a lot more knowing that I didn’t have to worry about where I’d be going to college.

I’m so glad I applied Early Decision. I’ve had the opportunity to meet more deaf people than I have in my entire life, and because of the access services I get I can follow and understand what’s being said in the classroom. It’s been such a positive experience."

Cleo Cheng
Human-Centered Computing

Receiving an Early Decision Aid Estimate

  1. You’re automatically considered for merit-based aid.

    Admitted Early Decision applicants will automatically be reviewed for merit-based scholarships. Those who file an Early Decision Financial Aid Application, will also be reviewed for need-based financial aid prior to the enrollment deposit deadline.
  2. Early Decision applicants interested in need-based funding from RIT can receive an estimated financial aid offer prior to submitting their enrollment deposit.

    To receive an estimated financial aid offer, applicants are required to submit RIT’s Early Decision Financial Aid Application by November 1 for Early Decision I applicants and by January 1 for Early Decision II applicants. Early Decision students will receive their estimated financial aid offer shortly after they are admitted and the application is received. RIT’s Early Decision Financial Aid Application is available for applicants to complete in their admissions portal.

    Starting this year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will undergo changes that will significantly simplify how students, parents, and other educational stakeholders use the FAFSA. The new FAFSA should be available in December 2023. In order to confirm the estimated financial aid offer, all early decision students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1, 2024. Students will then receive their official financial aid offer. If the information on the FAFSA and Early Decision Financial Aid Application is similar, in most cases, aid eligibility will remain the same. In exceptional cases where the information is not similar, differences will be indicated.

Early Decision Financial Aid Application

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Your family is encouraged to work with your assigned Financial Aid Counselor to assist you through the financial aid process. If you and your family determine that RIT is not an affordable choice, you should contact the RIT/NTID Undergraduate Admissions Office so you may be released from the Early Decision plan.

Our Early Decision Policy

Early Decision plans differ from school to school so it is important to understand the differences before you make a decision on how to apply.

Our early decision plans are “friendly”

While they are binding, you can change your application from Early Decision to Regular Decision or vice versa. For example, if your top choice school changes, you can change which applicant pool at RIT you’d like to be considered for.

Upon committing to RIT, you’ll need to withdraw other applications

Once you decide to accept RIT’s offer of admission, you should submit your $500 non-refundable enrollment deposit on or before the deadline to confirm your intention to enroll. At this time, you will be expected to withdraw your applications with all other colleges/universities.

If you’re not accepted through Early Decision or to your first choice program, there are other options

If you are not accepted through Early Decision, in most cases, you will be asked to submit mid-year senior grades and will be reviewed a second time with applicants in the Regular Decision plan. Early Decision applicants who are accepted to an alternate (second or third-choice) program of study may request to be released from the conditions of Early Decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may switch from Regular Decision to Early Decision as long as the deadline for the early decision plan you intend to switch to has not passed.

While the timelines to apply and commit are different, the other benefits and policies are the same. Early Decision II applicants typically select this option because they discover RIT is their top choice university after the November 1 deadline for Early Decision I has passed. 

Early Decision I applicants are notified by mid-December. Early Decision II applicants are notified by mid-January.

RIT is only able to provide an estimate of financial aid based on information you provide in the RIT Early Decision Financial Aid Application. The FAFSA provides the final Student Aid Index (SAI) to determine financial need.

Families who wish to be considered for need-based financial aid will need to complete the FAFSA, even if they already completed the RIT Financial Aid Application.

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