RITx Project Management Pathway

Leverage your RITx Project Management MicroMasters® Program Certificate

It’s easy to apply your RITx MicroMasters program certificate in project management toward a graduate degree from RIT. 

MicroMasters edX RIT

Accelerate your degree

Upon successful completion of the MicroMasters program certificate and acceptance to RIT, you may be awarded 9 credits toward either the Professional Studies MS degree or the Construction Management MS degree.

How it Works

Learn on edX
Successfully complete and earn an edX MicroMasters program certificate--earn at least a B on all courses in the MicroMasters program.

Apply to RIT
You can apply to RIT even before you’ve finished your MicroMasters program. In fact, the earlier you apply and get connected with an advisor, the better!

Pursue MS degree at RIT
Once you’re accepted into the eligible program, you will be awarded credit for your MicroMasters program certificate* toward a select master’s degree at RIT.

Watch your career soar
Your master’s degree from RIT will set you up for higher-paying and high-growth careers.

Learners who successfully complete a verified MicroMasters program certificate and are accepted to RIT will be awarded up to 9 credits (depending on the program) toward select  graduate degree programs at RIT, resulting in a lower-cost and accelerated master’s degree.

* Credits awarded for MicroMasters program completion may vary by program.

MS Professional Studies

Shape your future with a interdisciplinary degree

A group of people around a desk.

With RIT’s master of science in professional studies, you customize your degree by choosing multiple fields of study to reflect—and create—your career direction. Combine your talents, interests, traditional or alternative higher education, work experience, and career goals to create a meaningful master’s degree highly regarded by industry and academia.

Upon successful completion of your MicroMasters program certificate and acceptance to RIT, you need only complete an introduction to the degree course, six courses of your choosing, plus a capstone project to earn an accelerated MS degree in Professional Studies.

3 people smiling, looking at a laptop screen.

Limitless opportunity

Here are just some of the subject areas you may choose to study at RIT to serve as an area of concentration.

  •  Marketing
  •  Finance
  •  Applied Statistics
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Product Development
  •  Information Technology
  •  Lean Six Sigma
  •  Logistics
  •  Project Management
  •  Business Management
  •  Service Leadership
  •  Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  •  Network Security & Systems Administration
  •  Industrial & Systems Engineering
  •  Technical Communications
  •  Sustainability


MS Construction Management

Propel your career in construction management 

2 women on a construction site, wearing hard hats.

There is an urgent need to address aging infrastructure, energy efficiency in buildings (accounting for 40% of usage in the US), and new construction. Construction is key to a healthy economy, and effective management is key to construction initiatives that run on time, within budget, and with efficient use of resources. This degree will help you become equipped to manage clients, teams and projects of any size.

Upon successful completion of your MicroMasters program certificate and acceptance to RIT, you need only complete seven courses at RIT to earn an accelerated MS degree in Construction Management.


How to Get Started

When you are ready to apply to either program, you will complete the online application and demonstrate these requirements:

Hold a baccalaureate (or equivalent) degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Cumulative GPA 
Have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

Official Transcripts
Submit (in English) for all completed undergraduate, graduate study, and MicroMasters program certificate (requires at least a B on all courses in the MicroMasters program).

English Language Aptitude
TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE exams required of all applicants and course registrants whose native language is not English.

Let’s Talk

For questions about edX MicroMasters programs, you may contact edX directly. For questions about RIT’s MS degree, you can schedule a virtual advising session, or contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

RIT’s master of science in professional studies will serve as the degree pathway for learners who successfully complete any edX MicroMasters program, limited to one MicroMasters program offered from another institution.

No, earning a MicroMasters program credential does not guarantee admission to a full master's degree program. If you apply and are accepted into the on-campus or online master of science in professional studies, the MicroMasters program credential will count toward the degree. To successfully earn a MicroMasters program credential you must finish all courses/exams/projects with a B or equivalent grade and earn verified certificates for each course. You must also have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and satisfy all other application requirements.

The number of credits offered varies across MicroMasters programs. RIT reviews the curriculum of each MicroMasters program to determine the number of credits to be counted toward the master of science in professional studies.

You may apply credit from two MicroMasters programs as long as one is an RITx MicroMasters program.

Your admissions advisor looks forward to working with you as you explore this graduate degree at RIT.  If you have any questions about the application or admission process you may contact her at any time. You can start your application by visiting www.rit.edu/apply.

The application is fairly easy to work through, and you can share your edX program record with RIT so we can add that to your application, which will speed up your application process.