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Astronomy immersion

The astronomy immersion provides students with the opportunity for additional study in astronomy in order to build a secondary area of expertise in support of their major or other areas of interest. The immersion offers a broad background in astronomy with courses providing a broad survey of modern astrophysics and the techniques and technologies used to investigate astronomical phenomena. 

Notes about this immersion:

  • This immersion is closed to students majoring in imaging science and physics.
PHYS-211 University Physics I
PHYS-212 University Physics II
Required course
PHYS-220 University Astronomy
Choose two of the following:
   PHYS-370    Stellar Astrophysics
   PHYS-371    Galactic Astrophysics
   PHYS-372    Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology
   PHYS-373    Observational Astronomy