Applied Arts and Sciences Associate in applied science degree

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The AAS degree in applied arts and sciences offers students the opportunity to create an individualized undergraduate major. The degree requires students to complete at least 60 credit hours of course work comprising 24 credit hours in general education along with 36 credit hours in one or two professional concentrations. Each concentration is customized by the student with guidance and advice from their academic adviser. A professional concentration is at least 20 credit hours and can be designed from most of RIT's majors. 

The applied arts and science degree may be completed on campus, online, or by combining on-campus and online course work. 

The following chart represents a sample of a typical course sequence for two concentrations in management and economics. Students will work with an adviser to craft a personal pan of study based on their chosen concentration areas.

This program is also offered online. View Online Option.


  • K-12 Education

  • Non-Profit

  • Health Care

  • Government (Local, State, Federal)

  • Defense


Applied Arts and Science, AAS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
Individualized Study Seminar
The required gateway course for students enrolled in the School of Individualized Study. Course provides an opportunity for students to explore the nature and function of academic disciplines. Students will have opportunities to develop and refine their transversal, transferrable, and 21st century skill sets and their relationship to traditional curriculum and experiential learning.
First Year Writing (WI)
LAS Electives
Math/Science/Technical Literacy Course
LAS Perspective 2 (artistic)
LAS Perspective 4 (social)
LAS Perspective 6 (scientific principles)
Professional Core Courses
Wellness Education*
Second Year
LAS Perspective 1 (ethical)
LAS Perspective 3 (global)
Professional Core Courses
Total Semester Credit Hours

Please see General Education Curriculum-Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for more information.

* Please see Wellness Education Requirement for more information. Students completing associate degrees are required to complete one Wellness course.

Admission Requirements

Freshman Admissions

This degree offers students the opportunity to create individualized undergraduate programs of technical and professional study. Applicants should speak directly to an admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

Transfer Admissions

This program offers students the opportunity to create individualized undergraduate programs of technical and professional study through its applied arts and science program. The applied arts and science program is particularly appropriate for individuals who have prior college-level learning, are interested in changing majors, have unique ideas about how they want to design their academic areas of study, or want to prepare themselves for a career that requires skills and expertise from several disciplines. Applicants should speak directly to an admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

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