Comics Studies Minor

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In the comics studies minor, students will study the history of cartooning, comics, sequential art, and visual storytelling, and the practice making comics and cartoon art.

Notes about this minor:

  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Notations may appear in the curriculum chart below outlining pre-requisites, co-requisites, and other curriculum requirements (see footnotes).

Curriculum for Comics Studies Minor

Required Courses
   SOIS-242    Comics: Image & Text in Popular Culture
Choose one of the following courses:
   ENGL-314    Ethics in Graphic Memoir
   ENGL-421    The Graphic Novel
   SOIS-342    Global Comics
   SOIS-344    Popular Genre Studies in Comics and Related Media
   SOIS-542    Arts Comics
   ARTH-556    Arts Comics
Choose three of the following courses:
   ARTH-392    Theory And Criticism of 20th Century Art
   ARTH-521    The Image
   COMM-341    Visual Communication
   ENGL-211    Introduction to Creative Writing
   ENGL-275    Storytelling
   ENGL-318    Popular Literature
   ENGL-373    Media Adaptation
   ENGL-375    Storytelling Across Media
   ENGL-377    Transmedia Storyworlds
   ENGL-386    World Building Workshop
   ENGL-390    Creative Writing Workshop
   FNRT-224    History & Theory of Exhibitions
   FNRT-354    Exhibition Design
   FNRT-376    Visual Culture Theory
   FNRT-388    Gender and Contemporary Art
   GRDE-106    Graphic Design Studio I
   GRDE-107    Motion Design
   GRDE-201    Typography I
   GRDE-202    Graphic Design Studio II
   GRDE-206    Typography II
   IDEA-216    Calligraphy
   IDEA-221    Design for Non-Majors I
   IDEA-222    Design for Non-Majors II
   IDEA-251    Visual Storytelling for the Graphic Novel
   IGME-119    2D Animation and Asset Production
   ILLS-213    Illustration I
   ILLS-219    Digital Illustration I
   ILLS-313    Illustration II
   ILLS-319    Digital Illustration II
   ILLS-461    Illustration History
   ILLS-465    Book Illustration
   ILLS-468    Fantastic Illustration
   ILLS-472    Sketchbook Illustration
   ILLS-477    Caricature Illustration
   ILLS-482    Political Cartooning
   ITDI-211    Drawing for Non-Majors
   ITDI-226    Creating Artist Books
   ITDI-231    Introduction to Cartooning
   ITDI-233    Typeface Design
   ITDI-236    Figure Drawing
   ITDI-248    Sketchbook Artists Designers
   ITDI-311    Advanced Drawing
   ITDI-366    Letterpress Design
   MLFR-151    Film, Comics, and French Culture
PRFL-330/ WGST-330    Performing Identity in Popular Media
   SOFA-108    Drawing for Animation
   SOFA-218    Concept and Character Design
   SOFA-228    Animation Scriptwriting and Storyboard
   SOFA-541    History and Aesthetics of Animation
   SOIS-105    Making Comics
   SOIS-444    Comics in the Archive
   STAR-468    Letterpress Printmaking

* At least one course must be taken at the 300-level or above.