Gender, Art, and Media Immersion

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In the gender, art, and media immersion students explore how gender issues and identities, in their intersections with culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, social class, age, and (dis)abilities, are represented and portrayed in various artistic, literary, and media forms. By engaging with cultural texts and productions from both historical and contemporary perspectives, the immersion introduces students to critical analysis and knowledge-building methods drawn from fields such as women's and gender studies, feminist theories, critical race studies, queer studies, social justice work, and activism. The immersion teaches students to analyze gendered images as they appear in arts and media, recognize power inequalities and stereotypes in gender representations, and acquire the conceptual skills to critique and improve current conditions of artistic, literary, and media production and consumption in view of increased gender equity and fairness. The immersion complements any course of studies in a number of art and media-related fields such as art and literary criticism, art curation and exhibition, journalism and photojournalism, media studies, filmmaking, literature, photography, advertising and marketing, public relations, social services, and more.

Notes about this immersion:

  • Students are required to complete at least one course at the 300-level or above as part of the immersion.

Curriculum for Gender, Art, and Media Immersion

Choose three of the following:
   WGST-200    Foundations Of Women And Gender Studies
   WGST-205    Feminist Practices of Inquiry
   WGST-206    Queer Looks
   WGST-210    Introduction to LBGTQ+ Studies
   WGST-309    Feminist Theory
   WGST-318    Philosophies of Love, Sex, and Gender
   WGST-330    Performing Identity in Popular Media
   WGST-351    Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies
   WGST-357    Communication, Gender, and Media
   WGST-375    Women/Gender/Art
   WGST-383    Traumatic Images
   WGST-384    The Art of Dying
   WGST-388    Gender and Contemporary Art
   WGST-414    Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

* To ensure interdisciplinarity, only one course among WGST-200, WGST-205, and WGST-210 may be counted.