RIT offers a wide range of on-campus job opportunities for students. This is indeed helpful for students who come to RIT with a heavy education loan. These part-time jobs help students cover most of their living expenses and also provide good exposure to the work culture in America.

Dining Services

RIT has a plethora of options for on-campus dining. Popular ones include Brick City, Gracie's, RIT Sports Zone, The Commons, Crossroads, etc. All these places heavily employ students for work. Responsibilities typically include chopping of vegetables, fruits, and meat, cooking, maintenance, operating the dishwasher, cleaning tables, and floors, cashier, etc.

Dining services are the easiest to get into and the most popular option for on-campus employment. While most students get the job by applying online on RIT's Career Connect portal, you could also directly walk in and speak with the manager about the position. Depending on the role, you might even have to submit your resume and maybe go through an interview process (which is not hard) before starting your work.

Crossroads Dining

Other desk jobs

There are a variety of desk jobs across different offices and departments. A few popular ones are web-development, note-taking, social media, receptionist, documentation, etc. They are comparatively fewer in number and hence a bit difficult to get. Students who are particular about getting a desk job should actively look for such roles on the Career Connect portal. You could also try walking into these offices to look for opportunities (that is how I became Graduate Liaison). Desk jobs usually require the students to go through an interview process.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants generally instruct and grade labs, hold office hours to help students with the coursework. TAs are usually offered to students who have a good stand in academics and have a good rapport with Professors although every applicant would have to go through the interview process.

Graduate Assistantship (GA)

Graduate Assistants provide support to the Systems Administrators, troubleshooting systems and printer problems, assisting faculty and students with issues related to systems, servers and accounts, and other related duties as assigned. The selection criteria differ depending on the department.

Research Assistantship (RA)

Research Assistants conduct original, professional-level research in their field of study. Students who have relevant projects, in-depth knowledge of the field of study would make a great candidate for the role.

As of now, the minimum pay for all on-campus jobs is $14.20/hour. However, this gets revised almost every year. Some departments also offer a tuition fee waiver for TA, GA, and RA positions.

- Abhay Rajendra Dixit, Computer Science MS student


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