How to Get Ready for Fall and Winter

As the fall semester approaches, many students will be coming back to campus and many of them will be joining RIT for the first time. This blog will help you gear up for classes and the weather here at RIT. Summers are everyone’s favorite, and we wish we could have this bright light and warmth all year long. However, since that's not the case in Rochester, it’s better that you check out the complete list below and get ready, as Fall can get pretty chilly here.

1. Invest in a good quality umbrella

It rains often and all year long in Rochester so investing in an umbrella should be the first thing that should come to your mind as I don’t think anyone likes to get wet while its sub-zero temperature out there, yikes!

2. Buy a good quality jacket or a coat

Layering is the key to beat the cold and I recommend at least 2 layers of clothing.

As coats and jackets will form the outer layer of your clothing, this serves to repel snow, wind, and rain. This typically takes the form of a basic, slick shell that can be added on top of the two other layers. The best shells are extremely light and treated with water repellent which makes moisture roll right off the fabric. Never let water or moisture past this layer.

3. Gloves, scarves, and beanies!

Well, these are all accessories but it won't hurt to keep those hands and neck warm! Also, you can express your personal style with them easily by mixing and matching them. Gloves will keep your hands warm, but do you want elegant, ’50s-style leather gloves or a more sporty ski style? Either way, they should be an essential part of your outfit.

Hats keep our heads warm, and while a beanie is traditional cold-weather gear, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with other styles.

4. Snowboots

Snow boots generally need to be very durable as they need to protect your feet from a lot of different things. They give your ankles support, protect your feet from the cold and wet. They are made to protect your feet for a long time.

5. Moisturizers

Moisturizers are great against the dehydrating effects of winter. Keeping your skin hydrated is especially important because the dryness and stiffness of your skin during the cold months will make it susceptible to infections and outbreaks. You need to keep your skin smooth and supple, even during winter, and moisturizers are the perfect solution.

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