My Favorite Things About RIT

Student walk the quarter mile during a sunny day on campus.

Student walk the quarter mile during a sunny day on campus.

There are so many things an RIT student has the chance to dive into during their academic career. After high school, I looked at college as the ultimate opportunity to try new things. Then, I set a goal for myself to always say yes when it came to new experiences. Now I'm excited to share my personal favorite things about RIT with you!

1. Room to Explore Academically

One of the strongest things RIT has to offer is the vast array of majors and educational paths a student can indulge in. I struggled at the beginning of my experience at RIT to find the right major for me. I have many interests and could see myself doing a lot of things in my future. Luckily, I was able to receive some needed guidance from staff at RIT.  Over two months, I met with several academic advisors from different colleges to learn about numerous academic programs. Not only did this help me find my major, but it made me aware of just how diverse the educational climate is at RIT. There is a space for everyone, no matter your interests.

2. The Student-Athlete Community

In addition to the academic aspect of RIT, being a part of the athletic department has added a whole new perspective to my experience. I have been a part of the varsity tennis team for a little over a year now, and it has dramatically broadened my knowledge at school. RIT’s athletic department does a great job helping students ensure their academic success, always putting the student’s studies first. The staff also provides student-athletes with all of the support they will need, like a full-time physical therapist, several indoor and outdoor training facilities, and mental health guidance. Being a student-athlete is very rewarding, but at times it can be a challenging commitment. I appreciate the support that the staff provides us, putting our needs at the forefront.

Tennis ball with student swinging racket.

3. Student Employment and Career Opportunities

Another tremendous aspect of RIT is the employment opportunities, both on and off campus. I have had the pleasure of having three stellar employment opportunities at RIT. An example of one of my campus jobs is facilitating a Year One Program class. The purpose of this class is to help first-year students become more accustomed to college life and explore several programs at RIT in immersive experiences with the students. Teaching this class allowed me to build meaningful relationships with several staff members and students. RIT uses a service called CareerConnect, which allows students to explore jobs not only on campus but everywhere. RIT Career and Co-Op services are there to help from internships to co-ops and full-time jobs. RIT’s co-op program is one of the best in the country, and it provides students with a full-time, paid work experience directly related to their academic program.

4. Ice Cream is Always in Reach

One of my personal favorite spots on campus is Ben and Jerry’s. It’s located right in the heart of campus at the Student Alumni Union. I had no idea RIT had a Ben and Jerry’s right on campus when I was applying, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked by it for the first time my first year. It is an excellent in-between class pick-me-up.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop in the Student Alumni Union.

I have had a fantastic experience at RIT so far. Campus is an accepting environment with clubs, majors, and social communities for everyone. I am constantly finding new things to love about RIT, so who knows, this blog might have a sequel...

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