Photojournalism Option - Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA Option


The photojournalism option teaches students to produce non-fiction visual reporting that tells the stories of people, social issues and events for diverse and modern media outlets including digital and print. Students learn to create and publish both still photographic reporting as well as moving and interactive media that document our diverse culture, evoking both the momentous and the everyday circumstances of contemporary life and society. The photojournalism option allows flexibility and individual specialization where students can find their primary interest. Students take required courses in photojournalism fundamentals, picture editing, and multimedia, including sound, video gathering, and video editing. This option is part of the Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA program.

Students then may choose to take extra courses in an area in which they want further specialization, including picture editing, still photojournalism field-work, or multimedia storytelling. Students contribute to the creation of special publications centered on community activity and awareness, and provide staff support to RIT’s student-run magazine, The Reporter. Students also have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., and New York to meet with potential employers that represent the wide spectrum where photojournalists currently work.

Career Opportunities in Photojournalism

Photojournalism graduates go on to work for some of today’s leading digital publications, newspapers, and magazines. They're also recognized for their outstanding work. Eleven alums have won a combined 15 Pulitzer Prizes for their work in visual journalism.

A significant number of graduates also become self-employed freelance photographers, who seek freelance assignments with news organizations, picture agencies, non-profits, stock photo agencies, and as editorial photographers. Many graduates also are employed as picture editors, website producers, content curators, and television or multimedia editors.

National Press Photographers Association

Photojournalism students are the driving force in the school's National Press Photographers Associate (NPPA) student chapter. Students regularly attend activities sponsored by the NPPA, including regional and national conferences. The chapter manages a yearly contest of student work that is judged by alumni who also share their experiences in photojournalism and review student portfolios. The chapters also hosts guest speakers. The RIT student chapter was awarded the nation’s top chapter by the NPPA in 2016.



  • Movies, TV, and Music

  • Journalism, Media, and Publishing

Careers and Experiential Learning

Typical Job Titles

Director of Photography Multimedia Editor
Multimedia Journalist Multimedia Producer
Photojournalist Picture Editor
Picture Researcher Visual Archivist

Salary and Career Information for Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA

Photojournalism Internships

Students apply for photojournalism internships with some of the nation’s most respected newspapers, websites, and magazines as both photographers and editors. They work collaboratively on a variety of stories and have the opportunity to learn from photographers, editors, and other professionals in the newsroom. Students receive assistance from their professors, as well as from the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education, in identifying and applying for internships. Internships provide real-world work experience, which is an invaluable part of students’ educational experience. Cooperative education experiences and internships are designed for your success

Creative Industry Day

RIT’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education hosts Creative Industry Day, which connects students majoring in art, design, film and animation, photography, and select computing majors with companies, organizations, creative agencies, design firms, and more. You'll be able to network with company representatives and interview directly for open co-op and permanent employment positions.

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Admission Requirements

This option is part of the Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA. Please visit the degree program page for admission requirements.

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