Building the Future: Saunders College of Business Expansion

Opening Fall 2023

Welcome to the Next Generation of Business!

Students this fall will be the first to experience the latest state-of-the-art facilities, at the intersection of business and technology.


for the Next Generation

of Business

Students in Saunders College of Business receive a unique education; one that integrates business with technology and design thinking. The expansion will drive creativity and innovation among the next generation of business leaders.

RIT is committed to supporting this forward-thinking educational approach with a facility that fosters student and faculty collaboration, accommodates new academic programs, and encourages community engagement.

This expansion will enhance learning by providing modern spaces that support collaboration, networking, applied research, and business community engagement.

 Time lapse video of the expansion

Special Features

Student team rooms and flexible spaces to drive student and faculty collaboration.

A state-of-the-art auditorium to support distinguished guest lectures and events that enable the rich engagement of students, faculty, alumni, and business and community leaders.

Applied research collaboratories to support research focused on addressing contemporary business challenges.

A premier, multi-functional event venue that will also serve as a learning laboratory for the hospitality-related programs.

A café with comfortable seating with snacks to refuel and study throughout the day and evening.

Existing classrooms will also be renovated in support of innovative and student-centered pedagogy.

Transformational Gifts

This project would not have been possible without Saunders College alumni and friends. Donors and awards collectively committed nearly $12 million toward the project.

  • E. Philip Saunders serial entrepreneur and philanthropist;
  • Chance Wright ’18 (advertising photography), ’19 (MBA);
  • Susan Holliday ’85 (MBA);
  • Klaus Gueldenpfennig ’74 MS (electrical engineering), ’77 (MBA);
  • Brigitte Gueldenpfennig ’81 (MBA);
  • Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg ’97 MS (software development and management), ’03 (EMBA);
  • New York state’s Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program.

Saunders College: Ground Breaking

Max Lowenthal Hall begins its transformation into incredible spaces where our RIT business students will thrive.

Track the progress of the expansion

Carmyn Gomez sitting at a table.

This expansion project will enhance interaction among students and faculty as there will be more available space for collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, the expansion will help to support our unique and growing business programs in management information systems, supply chain management, analytics, and entrepreneurship.


Carmyn A. Gomez

BS supply chain management and international business,
MBA industrial systems and engineering management