Cognitive Science Research Talk: Probing Principles of Brain Functioning with a Perspective of Dynamic Vision

College of Science Cognitive Science Research Talk
Probing Principles of Brain Functioning with a Perspective of Dynamic Vision

Dr. Hulusi Kafaligonul
Associate Professor, Bilkent University, (Ankara, Turkey)
National Magnetic Resonance Research Center

The daily life experiences typically involve dynamic and changing stimuli (e.g., moving objects) which require adaptive behavior, thereby making sensory and perceptual dynamics crucial for interacting with the external environment. In particular, vision is a highly dynamic process, and there is an established knowledge on the dynamic aspect of visual perception. Using conceptual and experimental frameworks established by previous vision studies, we aim to understand perceptual and cognitive dynamics and reveal the basic principles of functioning brain. In this seminar talk, I will present two lines of research from our research group to exemplify this approach. The first study will be on crossmodal interactions and multisensory integration. We have identified key processing stages of multisensory processing in cortex via audiovisual motion paradigms combined with EEG. Our findings further suggested that the final multisensory percept may be the outcome of dynamic interplay between different cortical regions. The second line of research is based on our progress in understanding age-related changes in perception and cognition. There is a growing realization that previous research on dynamic vision provides a conceptual framework to investigate age-related changes at different levels of sensory/perceptual processing. Using zebrafish aging model, we found that aging can have distinct influences on different stages of motion processing and the activated motion system. As opposed to evidence suggesting a common factor underlying cognitive changes in healthy aging, our findings further pointed out the diverse nature of age-related alterations in sensory and perceptual processing. In the end, I will briefly present our current and future research programs.

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Susan Farnand
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When and Where
February 12, 2024
11:00 am - 11:50 am
Room/Location: A300

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