Cognitive Science Research Talk: The Role of Experience in Cognitive Development

College of Science Cognitive Science Research Talk
The Role of Experience in Cognitive Development

Dr. Lisa Chinn
Research Assistant Professor
University of Houston, GENES:IS Lab

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Experience shapes human development. This talk focuses on (1) the effects of early sensorimotor experiences on the development of infant self-knowledge and (2) effects of early adversity on cognitive development. Results indicate that early experience reaching to one’s own body underlies the development of mirror self-recognition in human infants. This finding suggests that higher-order forms of self-concept may have sensorimotor origins. The second line of research focuses on cognitive development in an at-risk group of previously institutionalized Russian orphans. A large portion of previous research on effects of institutionalization has focused on Romanian orphanages that did not meet physical or socio-emotional needs. We found that individuals who were institutionalized in Russian orphanages that met physical but not socio-emotional needs had semantic processing deficits relative to those raised in biological families. This finding indicates that not all negative effects of orphanage care are due to physical circumstances like malnutrition. Future research directions include individual differences in response to stress and effects of enriching experience on cognitive development.

Intended Audience:
Graduates, faculty, and staff.

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Event Snapshot
When and Where
February 05, 2024
11:00 am - 11:50 am
Room/Location: A300

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