Constitution Day Big Tech and Free Speech: Who Should Regulate Speech Online?

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In the debates surrounding Big Tech, politicians avoid creating strict regulation in fear of limiting free speech. There are competing concerns, however, like the spread of misinformation. If the government either can’t or won’t regulate speech more aggressively, should tech companies? How do they reconcile these opposing interests? The panel will discuss these questions and more. Prof. Bambrick specializes in comparative constitutionalism and constitutional theory. She will discuss different proposals to reform Section 230 and the need for more integrated discussion of rights in digital policy. Prof. Chun specializes in political theory and American legal history. She will discuss deep fakes and their implications for free speech and democratic legitimacy today. Prof. Wolff specializes in cybersecurity policy and Internet regulation. She will discuss efforts by the United States to restrict the spread of misinformation and use of foreign-based services like TikTok and how those efforts intersect with concerns about free speech.

Sarah Burns
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September 21, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Room/Location: Skalny Room (SMT-A500)

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