ESL GCI Seminar Series

ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute Seminar Series presents:

Speakers: Dr. Roger R. Schell and Edwards E. Reed

Powerful Security Kernel Cyber-Defense Reset

Host: Dr. Michael ZuzakAssistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering

Location: ESL GCI Cyber Range


Established cyber defense approaches - penetrate and patch (a game we can never win) – have failed. They have not, do not, and indeed cannot provide verifiable security for critical infrastructure, IoT (both of which require strong integrity protections) and classic controlled sharing applications (Mandatory Access Control – MAC – secrecy domains) for Cloud, appliance, and e-commerce/web services environments. Having come to a fork in the road, industry – and government – took the path that brought us here.  It’s time to double back and see what has already been shown to work, and reconsider Reference Monitor technology and the Security Kernel system-level products that implement it.

This presentation will begin with a review of cyber security history by someone who was there at the beginning and who has seen multiple successful system deployments run in highly contested networked, global environments – without ever needing a security patch. The “secret sauce” – applying model-based engineering design to the system-wide security problem – is reproducible, effective, and sorely needed for critical infrastructure, consumer appliances, and multi-tenant cloud/time-sharing systems.

Bio: Dr. Roger R. Schell

Roger R. Schell (USAF Col, Ret; MIT PhD CS, Wash State MSEE, Montana State BSEE) is internationally recognized for originating several key modern security design and evaluation techniques. He is widely published in technical journals and publications, and holds patents in cryptography, authentication, and trusted workstations. His experience includes 20 years in US federal program management (computers), 30 years as a computer industry security product vendor, and 5 years as a graduate cybersecurity engineering faculty member (USC/ISI).

He co-founded and is President of Aesec Corporation. Previously, he co-founded and was vice president of Gemini Computers, Inc., now an Aesec subsidiary, where he directed development of their “Class A1” commercial product, GEMSOS – a high assurance multilevel secure real-time operating system.

Dr. Schell was the founding Deputy Director of NSA’s National Computer Security Center. He is widely considered to be the "father" of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (the "Orange Book"). The National Institute of Science and Technology and NSA recognized Dr. Schell with the National Computer System Security Award. He is a member of the inaugural class of the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame.

Bio: Edwards E. Reed

Ed Reed (RIT MSCS’90, Purdue BS’75) has led the development and upgrade of the Gemini Computers Distributed Trusted Computing Base (DTCB) run-time environment for the Gemini Secure Operating System (GEMSOS). His improvements and published research demonstrate how to build feature-rich services (TCP/IP networking, Network File Sharing Services, multiple virtualized guard process pipelines, and Programmable Logic Controllers) that execute on and leverage the security features of a high assurance reference monitor (GEMSOS) enforcing integrity and secrecy mandatory access controls. His prior experience includes development, networking infrastructure operations, security, and customer-facing responsibilities for large international corporations including Harris, Xerox, and Novell.

Michael Zuzak
Event Snapshot
When and Where
December 01, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room/Location: 1750

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