FreezeFest: Spiritual and Religious Symbols from Around the World

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Catholic priest holding up chalice (top left), basket of challah bread (top right), person engaging in wudu in outdoor ablution station (bottom)

Come and join Spirituality and Religious Life as the different spiritual and religious chaplains display, highlight, and explain the significance behind their religious symbols and iconography!  What's the purpose of a paten and chalice at a Christian service or challah at Jewish Shabbat or Wuḍūʾ in Islam?  Grab some food and learn some interesting facts!
FreezeFest is a celebration of winter at RIT, featuring a variety of on- and off-campus activities. For a complete list of events, visit  #RITFreezeFest

Andrew Cirillo
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When and Where
February 01, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Room/Location: SAU- Fireside Lounge

Open to the Public

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