The Future of Research Assessment for Scholarship, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion

Join us on campus or via Zoom, the last Wednesday of February, March and April at 10:00 am.
Golisano Hall 070 GOL-2690

NASEM and National Science Foundation are among the many entities suggesting that it’s time for a reassessment of scholarship policies at Universities to allow for a broader set of evaluative criteria beyond the “traditional” models of peer review, journal publications and conference presentations. Join us for a discussion of what other models currently exist, what your college and unit’s policies are, and where you’d like them to be. Bring your questions, stories, and concerns to the conversation!

Background: Academia is now seeing federal and philanthropic entities release funding policies with more rigorous stipulations that the work they fund be released and supported under Open licenses and practices.
We believe this is the opportune time for RIT to discuss how Open Work will impact the future of academic careers, research and scholarship.
Our team has planned a series of town hall meetings focusing on understanding these funding policies and their direct and indirect impacts, exploring available Open strategies and resources, and addressing the impact on academic career paths.
Please bring your stories, questions, or concerns to the sessions that interest you.

Interpreters have been requested for all sessions. We encourage you to submit a request as well if you would benefit from having ASL interpreters at the meetings.

Chris Baker
Event Snapshot
When and Where
April 26, 2023
10:00 am - 10:50 am
Room/Location: 070 GOL-2690

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