Horizons: Youth & Opportunity

Do you feel like you were set up to succeed? What should we do to address unprecedented challenges that may hinder future generations from leading successful and economically secure lives?

Based on the National Issues Forums model for deliberative dialogues, the goal of Horizons is to promote active listening and dialogue rather than debate on difficult topics. In a space where students, faculty, and staff can approach what may seem like a difficult conversation in a respectful, educational, and constructive manner, attendees will come away with a greater understanding of others who hold diverse views and be able to form an educated opinion on challenging and complex issues our society faces today.

Alex Tubridy
Event Snapshot
When and Where
February 09, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Room/Location: 1829 Room (SAU 1510)

This is an RIT Only Event

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