Imagine Singers: Innovations in Choral Music, presented by RIT Singers

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RIT Singers

RIT Singers presents its spring concert in Allen Chapel during Imagine RIT.

Imagine how composers break traditions and create new formulas for composition. Imagine how South African music can combine with European choral writing. Imagine how an African-American composer can bring a post-slavery "work song" to an early 20th Century concert stage. Imagine how spirituality and astronomy can combine to represent the human experience of the sun. Imagine how traditional choral music can evolve into contemporary "a cappella" music. Imagine how the music of Sephardic Jews can embrace Flamenco and Islamic styles. Imagine how a mathematical formula can create the experience of an ancient, mystical soundscape. Imagine how a composer can celebrate a lost history of a female scientist discovering DNA's double helix, when others took the credit. But do not imagine how great RIT students sing, come hear the reality in person.

Directed by Dr. Christopher Petit

Ben Willmott
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When and Where
April 23, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Room/Location: Allen Chapel

Open to the Public

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