Industrial Math Modeling Center Seminar Geospatial Data Science and Site-Selection Modeling

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Industrial Math Modeling Center Seminar:
Geospatial Data Science and Site-Selection Modeling

Dr. Brandy Freitas
Senior Data Scientist


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Working with and analyzing geospatial data requires a different and often nuanced approach from most data types, especially to derive spatial predictions and detect patterns using statistical and machine learning algorithms. Many data scientists and analysts are not used to fully leveraging the power of geospatial data due to the scale, atypical data types, geospatial calculations (such as drive-times, routing, and joins across other geo-referenced data sets), and more broadly manipulating the data for the feature engineering required for use. Many practitioners are unaware of which business questions to ask, or of which algorithms are available to them to enrich their models, with many resorting to eliminating spatial variables entirely. In this talk, we will discuss some of the challenges that we typically see with spatial data, move into our evolving approach to modeling, introduce use cases that we've seen successfully implemented, and examine the new techniques that we are seeing in the field.

Speaker Bio:
Brandy Freitas is a research physicist-turned-data scientist based in Boston, MA. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Physics at the RIT, where she was awarded a Goldwater Fellowship for excellence in research. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and James Mills Pierce Fellow in Biophysics at Harvard University, Brandy specialized in single particle cryo-electron microscopy, with a focus on machine learning in automated protein structure determination. Currently a Senior Data Scientist at Precisely, she works to develop data-driven solutions and products for a broad range of industries.

Intended Audience:
Undergraduates, graduates, and experts. Those with interest in the topic.

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When and Where
November 21, 2022
11:00 am - 11:50 am
Room/Location: 1149

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