Life Sciences Seminar: Student Research

Life Sciences Seminar
Student Research Seminar

McKenzie Watts, Jack Smerczyski, Aneesh Nallani, Shreya Sujith, Skye Bixler, Zach Black
Life Sciences students

   1. “Biological characterization of novel tanzawaic acid bacterial conjugation inhibitors”
   Tanzawaic acids (TZA) have emerged as promising candidates to impair bacterial conjugation, a major cause of antibiotic resistance spread. Novel TZA analogs have been assessed through biological assays, detailing their impact on conjugation and growth, with future research aimed at elucidating their specific mechanism of action.

   2. "NFkB is not solely regulated by the matrix protein in prostate cancer cells that resist VSV oncolysis”
   Our research comprises developing VSV as an oncolytic agent and understanding why some cancer cells resist VSV oncolysis via the NFkB-dependent antiviral pathways. The VSV encoded matrix (M) protein is a known inhibitor of NFkB, so we introduced various mutations in M to assess its ability on cell survival and its impact on NFkB regulation.

   3. “Demystifying ATP Hydrolysis"
   The presentation addresses misconceptions surrounding ATP hydrolysis among students and how these misconceptions are perpetuated by ChatGPT's responses. It aims to clarify the process, debunk common misunderstandings, and emphasize the importance of critical evaluation in understanding biochemical concepts.

   4. “Understanding how the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus matrix protein blocks cellular translation using Comparative Molecular Dynamics”
   Our research aims to unravel how the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus matrix protein obstructs cellular translation by forming a complex with host proteins Nup98 and Rae1. Through Comparative Molecular Dynamics, we seek to explore how this interaction compromises the host cell and investigate the presence of analogous viral-host complexes across different species, thereby elucidating the evolutionary history of this crucial virus-host mechanism.

Intended Audience:
Beginners, undergraduates, graduates, experts. Those with interest in the topics.

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When and Where
April 24, 2024
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Room/Location: A300

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