Public Presentation - Lilia R. Rissman, Ph.D. Faculty Candidate - Psychology Department

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Candidate for a faculty position in the Department of Psychology
Lilia R. Rissman
Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin - Madison

What linguistic diversity can tell us about the mind

Different languages carve up the world of experience in different ways, prompting generations of scholars to ask: what is the relationship between language and thought? Language is often characterized in one of two ways: as a sculptor, shaping how we categorize and perceive, or as a mirror, reflecting our underlying conceptual knowledge. In my research, I test the validity of each of these perspectives across a range of languages and semantic domains. I will present new evidence that language interacts with cognition both as a sculptor and as a mirror. These findings suggest a deeper mystery that I plan to address in my future research: what leads language to shape and create in some contexts but to reflect in others?

Molly Palocy
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When and Where
January 23, 2023
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Room/Location: 1251 S McKenzie Commons

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