Using AI tools for extended cognition in the writing and research process

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In this workshop, participants will experience how artificial intelligence tools can help students, writers, and researchers extend their cognition (Clark & Chalmers, 1998). Through on-screen demonstrations and a series of scaffolded group activities using ChatGPT, teams will partially complete 3 stages of an inquiry-based research process common to assignments in Writing Intensive (WI) courses:

(1) developing research questions,

(2) analyzing sources, and 

(3) acknowledging sources of information.

There will be opportunities for evaluating the benefits and challenges of using AI in research writing, as well as a concluding discussion about the personal, professional, and institutional ethics of AI-assisted writing and research as a scholarly method. Participants should bring their laptops in order to fully participate in the activities. Click here to register for this workshop.

Led by Phil Shaw, Senior Lecturer in the University Writing Program, Academic Affairs & Faculty Fellow for Gateway Course Student Success, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Leah Bradley
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When and Where
September 27, 2023
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Room/Location: McKenzie Commons (LBR-1251)

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