Metals and Jewelry Design Studio

The 6,000-plus-square-foot Metals and Jewelry Design Studio is designed to support students’ individual needs and ensure access to a comprehensive selection of tools, equipment and technology. It’s a space where safety standards are of primary importance. Specialized areas within the studio house casting and enameling facilities, a machine room, a polishing and finishing room, spinning, patina/etching areas and an annealing and cleaning room. Students also have access to an exclusive alternative materials, welding and forging facility, which supports architectural, furniture and sculptural interests. Additionally, the program supports computer applications for computer-aided design. 

Personal student workspaces are located across three large rooms. From their sophomore to senior years, undergraduate students each have an individual workbench and soldering and storage spaces assigned strategically within the facility. Graduate students have private studio areas, which offer an expanded workspace in a creative environment. 
The metals and jewelry design facilities offer an effective, clean and safe studio environment that allow students access to state-of-the-art equipment, tools and machines seven days a week.


Booth Hall, 3580

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