Albert Paley discusses book about his sculpture Threshold Nov. 24

Renowned sculptor Albert Paley will host a discussion and booksigning about the book, Albert Paley: Threshold Klein Steel. Art critic Linda Shearer is the author.

Threshold, the monumental sculpture that resides at Klein Steel Headquarters in Rochester, is the subject of the book.

The booksigning will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 24, at the Pittsford Barnes & Noble.

Paley will be joined by Joe Klein, CEO of Klein Steel. The book takes readers through Paley’s creative process and the history between Paley’s art and Klein Steel. Klein wrote the foreword.

Paley is the Charlotte Fredericks Mowris Endowed Chair of RIT’s School for American Crafts. Paley’s sculpture, The Sentinel, a 110-ton, 73-feet high, stainless steel-bronze work of art, is located in Simone Plaza and Circle on the RIT campus.