Alternate Grading Option Information

During these unprecedented times, RIT remains steadfast in being student-centered and providing as much support as possible to ensure your success. As our students, faculty and staff begin a new chapter together, we have implemented an alternate grading option, which has been approved for spring 2020.

Students have the option to select a “Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass” (commonly referred to as pass/fail at some institutions) grading option for spring 2020. With this option, regardless of the grade you receive, your grades will not impact your GPA. Instructors will assign grades for classes as normal, and then you will be allowed to select this alternate grading option once final grades are received. This way, you can make the decision with the full understanding of the impact on your GPA. You are encouraged to select this option as soon as possible after the final grade is received. An online form will be made available once grading begins.

There is no limit to the number of spring 2020 courses/credits allowed to be taken using the Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass grading option.

If you do not select this option immediately, however, you can choose it at any point until degree completion. Also, if after selecting this option you decide you want to have the final grade calculated into your GPA, you will have the ability to revert to the original grade you received in the course, again up until degree completion.

We believe that this grade option provides the maximum flexibility and transparency for students. For more information, go to the spring 2020 alternative grading options website.

Overview of the process:

  • At the end of the term, faculty will submit letter grades as normal;
  • Once grades are submitted, students will have the ability to select the alternate grade option for specific classes. There is no limit to the number of classes that students can elect to have graded as Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass;
  • If the Satisfactory/Pass/No Pass option is selected, regardless of the grade a student receives, the grade will not impact the term or cumulative GPA. Classes with a “D” or better will receive academic credit. Note: Grades of “C-“ or “D” may not be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements and will be recorded as “UE” – unsatisfactory for graduate students;
  • Students will select the alternate grading option using an online form. This form will be available on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage when end-of-term grading begins; and
  • If after selecting the alternate grade option, the student decides that they want to have the final grade calculated into their GPA, they will have the ability to revert to the original grade they receive in the course up until the time of degree certification.

Questions about this policy may be directed to

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