Masks and Thermometers for Students

RIT has purchased face masks and thermometers for students. Please review the detailed distribution information below.

On-campus/RIT Housing Students

Students living in RIT Housing will receive their masks and thermometer when they check in and receive their RIT Housing key. This includes students who check in at the completion of their RIT sponsored 14-day quarantine. 

Off-campus and Commuter Students

Incoming students: Masks and thermometers will be distributed to incoming off-campus and commuter students at New Student Orientation check-in on Aug. 1

Returning students: Masks and thermometers will be available for pickup at the following locations during the identified dates/times:

  • The Lodge, Park Point, Province (for residents of these complexes only): 1-5 p.m. Aug. 16 and 17
  • Commuter Lounge (Campus Center A650) and at the Campus Center Welcome Desk: Starts Aug. 19

Please have your RIT ID ready when you arrive.

If you have questions, please email