One view of the American dream

Oscar Durant ‘09

“I spent several hours a week for six months with Mexican migrant workers on a cabbage farm in Waterport, N.Y.,” says photographer Oscar Durand ’09 (photojournalism). “I wanted to learn about the lives and struggles of people from another country who came to work in the United States. The workers knew I wanted to take photographs and they would ask, ‘Why do you want to take our pictures? We are not special.’ Little by little they got used to me being around. I would drive to the farm and have dinner with them and then spend the night. A bus would take them out to the fields early in the morning. I shot this photograph around 7 a.m. For me, the photo represents how tired they feel and how hard they work. They do enjoy the work, though, and are happy to do it. The workers just want to improve their lives and those of their families.”