Protecting interests of international community

To: RIT Students, Faculty and Staff
From: President Bill Destler
Subject: Executive orders pertaining to immigration
Date: Jan. 29, 2017

Dear RIT Students, Faculty and Staff:

As many of you are aware, U.S. President Donald Trump issued several executive orders pertaining to immigration on Friday. These orders directly and immediately impact members of the RIT community. Campus leadership is carefully reviewing the details of the executive order and we are already actively responding to help students and faculty in need.

RIT has long welcomed students from around the world to our campus. We currently have 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 100 countries enrolled in our university, with alumni living in 123 nations.

We have advised our students from the affected countries to not leave the United States during the next 90 days as they will likely be restricted from re-entry. We also have the same advice for international faculty and staff from the listed nations who may be planning to travel outside the United States for personal or business reasons.

We want to reassure the RIT international community that they are welcome members of the RIT family. The university is committed to protecting the rights and opportunities currently available to all members of our academic community. We will continue to foster an environment that promotes education, research and international collaboration. Specifically, RIT:

  • Will do everything within its legal powers to support our community and keep our members safe.
  • Outside the established requirements of the visa-sponsorship programs we participate in, the university does not provide lists or other information based on an individual’s immigration or citizenship status to external parties or authorities.
  • The Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Human Resources are working to ensure all necessary support is in place for individuals directly impacted.

You have my assurance that we will continue to closely monitor and evaluate these developments.

Cordially Yours,

Bill Destler



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