RIT expands advertising into New York City’s Grand Central Station and Metro North rail lines


A mockup of ad placements for Grand Central subway station. RIT will dominate advertising space inside the Grand Central subway station in May.

RIT is elevating its awareness efforts in New York City. An advertising campaign showcasing RIT’s creativity and innovation as a leading university will take over the Grand Central Train Station and even some Metro North rail cars traveling to Westchester County and Connecticut.

The campaign started April 17 in the Grand Central train station and the Metro North rail cars and continues through May in the Grand Central subway station. The New York City placements expand on the current digital campaign in Boston; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; San Francisco; and Seattle, which includes advertisements on programmatic display networks, streaming TV and radio, and various social media platforms.

According to RIT Vice President of Marketing and Communications/Chief Marketing Officer John Trierweiler, the advertising campaign celebrates RIT's thriving students and alumni. “We want to showcase RIT as a place where you can be uniquely you, whether as an artist, performer, investigator, explorer, academic, athlete, or advocate. We believe the ads are energetic, dynamic, and designed to be remembered by everyone who sees them.”

The New York City campaign, developed in partnership with Outfront Media, was funded by RIT Trustee Austin McChord ’09, founder of tech company Datto and current CEO of Casana. McChord wanted to raise awareness for RIT in New York City, one of the largest markets in the world. McChord said he hopes the campaign drives a connection between prospective students and the university.

“I gave a commencement speech a few years ago at RIT,” said McChord. “I told the graduates to make connections. And those connections will serve them for many years. I hope that if I can help even one student connect with RIT and all that it can offer, a school that helped me, then it’s worth it. That’s why putting RIT students front and center in this ad campaign made sense.”

Highlights from the New York City campaign:

  • Subway Station Domination: RIT will own the majority of advertising space inside the Grand Central subway station in May. Our advertisements will cover the walls, poles, turnstiles, and many other locations throughout Grand Central. 
  • Terminal Liveboards: RIT will be featured on the 14 digital boards inside Grand Central Terminal. 
  • Train Shed Liveboards: Capping off the RIT placements in Grand Central are 86 digital boards on train platforms. 
  • Commuter Rail Branded Train Cars: RIT will own every advertising space inside 33 cars on the New Haven line and 33 cars on the Harlem/Hudson line from April 17 to May 14. 
  • Commuter Rail Car Cards: RIT will have an additional 520 cards in other trains on the New Haven and Harlem/Hudson lines during the same time period, April 17 to May 14.

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