RIT Faculty Share Expertise via ‘Intelligent Conversations’ Podcasts

Weekly episodes range from poetry to astronomy

Chance Glenn

Communication is considered to be in its ideal form when conversations are spontaneous and interactive. One professor at Rochester Institute of Technology is taking conversations to a new level in the digital age.

“Intelligent Conversations” is a podcast series that explores various topics in science, technology and education to determine the impact they have on everyday life. It serves as a venue in which professors, researchers and other intellectuals can reach out to the community by discussing important and interesting topics in a specific field of study.

“I am a creative person who is motivated by talking and exchanging ideas with others,” says Chance Glenn, founder of Intelligent Conversations. “I want to take important topics from areas like science and technology and bring them to a broader non-technical audience.”

Glenn launched Intelligent Conversations earlier in 2011. Intelligent Conversations episodes are available online (www.ourintelligentconversations.com) and through iTunes. Glenn hosts and produces new conversations weekly. Recent episodes have included professor Mary Lynn Broe on poetry; professor Stefi Baum on travel and astronomy; and Babak Elani, associate dean, College of Liberal Arts, on cultural identity.

Glenn serves as associate dean of Graduate Studies at RIT and is also a professor of electrical, computer and telecommunication engineering technology in RIT’s College of Applied Science and Technology.

Glenn is an expert in digital signal processing and digital communications. He has several patents and publications and has presented in scientific forums at both national and international levels. He is versed in areas of science, technology, engineering, education and music. Glenn has also hosted his own radio show and produced two musical CDs in his career.

In the future, Glenn would like to increase the overall listenership of Intelligent Conversations. Reaching out to intellectuals in areas of liberal arts, business and music at both a national and international level is also on the horizon. This past November, Glenn hosted a conversation with Ramon Parra Michel, a researcher from Cinvestav, Guadalajara, Mexico, which stood out as his first podcast conducted at an international level.

“I am excited to hear what others are doing. What motivates them, what events brought them to where they are now. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and sharing life’s journeys with others is what I want this to be about,” says Glenn.

To join in on the conversation, go to www.ourintelligentconversations.com. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @IntelligentTalk.


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RIT faculty share expertise via Intelligent Conversations podcasts

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