RIT ‘Nerds’ Go on Auction Block Jan. 20

RIT Center for Student Innovation Fellows auction off their brains and talents

Self-proclaimed nerds at Rochester Institute of Technology will sell their brain power to the highest bidders at the university’s first-ever nerd auction Jan. 20.

Fellows of RIT’s Center for Student Innovation are hosting the event at 6 p.m. in the Center for Student Innovation on the RIT campus.

The group recently got recognized as a student club.

“We want to raise money to fund projects and we think the event will be a great way to showcase our talents,” says Eliza Hammer, a fourth-year marketing major from Pennington, N.J., and lead fellow in RIT’s Center for Student of Innovation. “The fellows represent many of the university’s colleges and so each of us offer diverse talents that bidders can buy to help solve a problem or work on a project.”

In addition to auctioning off themselves, participants will be able to bid on high-tech items made by the fellows. One of the fellows who is an environmental health and safety major makes chainmail hacky sacks while another fellow, a human computer interaction student, likes to knit in his spare time and will sell hats.

Adds Hammer: “We are a bit of an eclectic bunch.”

The fellows hope to make this an annual event.

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Democrat and Chronicle — Jan. 19, 2012
Win this auction, and you can pick a nerd’s brain

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