RIT to offer MS degree in computational finance

Program combines strengths of Saunders College of Business and the College of Science

A. Sue Weisler

The Master of Science degree in computational finance is a collaborative effort of Saunders College of Business and the College of Science and starts in the fall.

Rochester Institute of Technology is offering a new Master of Science degree in computational finance for students this fall. Designed for qualified students interested in careers related to computational or quantitative science, the full-time, 17-month program is a collaborative effort of two RIT colleges: Saunders College of Business and the College of Science.

The new MS in computational finance program addresses a vital and growing career field. Also referred to as “quants” or financial engineers, employees in these positions use their strengths in business, modeling and data analysis to understand and use complex financial models, often involving differential and stochastic calculus.

“Finance has always been a quantitative discipline,” said Ashok Robin, professor of finance at RIT’s Saunders College. “But this program goes beyond standard finance programs and allows graduates to work in areas such as risk management that require complex mathematical modeling.

“Graduates can bring to bear data analytic skills and add value to employers confronted with reams of data about clients/products/markets yet having limited means to exploit the information for financial gain. As such this program presents a compelling combination of finance, mathematics and analytics.”

According to Bernard Brooks, professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at RIT’s College of Science, graduates from the multidisciplinary master’s program will be poised to begin careers in banking and other industries.

“They can assume any position finance graduates would go except they will have a very strong math and data background. This MS in computational finance will give them a deeper understanding of the techniques. If you understand the math behind the models, you understand their limitations.”

For more information, call 585-475-6916, email gradbus@saunders.rit.edu, or go to http://saunders.rit.edu/programs/graduate/ms_compfin.php.


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