Student Reminder: Update Your Spring Circulation Plan

The end of the semester is near, and it is possible your plans for circulating on campus may change. As your plans change, it is important to update your Spring Circulation Plan to accurately reflect your situation.

“Circulating” on campus means you will be on campus for any reason including but not limited to classes, laboratory work, employment, meetings, dining, socializing, using RIT services such as the library, etc.

For those approved to circulate on campus: If you are planning to leave campus prior to May 1 and do not plan to return to circulate on campus for any reason, please change your Spring Circulation Plan status on the day you plan to leave and complete the attestation indicating you will not circulate on campus. Completing the attestation will eliminate your weekly Tiger Testing and Daily Health Screen requirements.

For those who have completed the attestation and are not approved to circulate on campus: If you have a need to come to campus at any time prior to May 1, please indicate your change in plans on your Spring Circulation Plan and complete all RIT requirements prior to your arrival on campus.

View or change your Spring Circulation Plan status

If you have questions, please contact the staff member listed on the home screen of your MyLife Portal.

Information regarding expectations beyond May 1, including requirements for graduation, will be forthcoming.

A sign language interpreted translation of this message is available.


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