Top stories and videos for February

The photo on the left is from Caitlin McNeill’s Tumblr site and sparked a viral debate on whether it is blue and black or white and gold. The image on the right from retailer Roman shows the dress’s true colors.

The RIT color scientists’ explanation of the viral dress photo was the most-read story of last month. Check out all of February’s most popular stories and videos below:

Top News Stories

1. RIT color scientists explain the dress that went viral

2. Missing RIT student’s family asks for information that could lead to his return

3. RIT MAGIC Center publishes student video game on Steam for the first time

4. Lifting the veil on a dark galaxy

5. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr. to give 2015 RIT commencement address

Top Videos

1. e-NABLE - volunteers offer prosthetic hands made for children by 3D printers

2. RIT in :30 - Tunnels

3. RIT in :30 - Snow

4. RIT in :30 - Infinity looping

5. RIT in :30 - Alternative energy

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