Update from Academic Continuity team

Today’s update covers credits and refunds, academic support and best practices for faculty creating videos for online learning.

Credits and Refunds

Many students and their families have questions about refunds for housing, dining services and parking. The Credit and Refund section of RIT’s Coronavirus website has answers to many of them. If you have additional questions, please contact the RIT call center at 585-475-3500 or 1-833-323-0002 between the hours of 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST or email coronavirusresponse@rit.edu.

Academic Support

As we prepare to end the first week of classes in the new distance learning environment, many of you may still be adjusting to the changes. If you need any assistance with your studies, we’re here to help. Here’s information about tutoring, supplemental instruction, and tips for success with online and distance learning.

Additionally, if you find that you are struggling with the delivery format of a course, please fill out the Student Feedback on Course Adjustments survey. Submissions are confidential and will be quickly sent to faculty.  

Searching through RIT’s Coronavirus Website

Try out the new search function on RIT’s Coronavirus website. When you insert a request in the search bar, it will populate results from RIT’s Coronavirus website and all of www.rit.edu to better assist you with your search.

Tips to Ensure Faculty Videos are Accessible by all Students

To support student success during this time, the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) has provided guidance for faculty who are making videos for their courses.

 The ILI advises against:

  1. Recording full hour or longer lecture videos and posting this recording unedited to students.

  2. Instead, the ILI recommends that videos be broken into smaller segments with a maximum length of 15 minutes.

These recommendations are for the following reasons:

  • The longer the video, the larger the file size. Technology may not be capable of sharing large/long videos with students.

  • Video.rit.edu (Ensemble) has a 2GB single file upload limit. Each faculty has a 10GB total quota on their account. This quota will be filled quickly if each video is 2GB.

  • By default, YouTube restricts you to videos under 15 minutes, though you can take an additional step to extend this time.

  • MyCourses has 1GB single file upload limit. Since myCourses will playback the file by essentially downloading it on the student's side, a student with slow internet may be incapable of downloading such a large file.

  • Student attention and engagement with a video drops quickly after 6 minutes (Guo, Kim & Rubin, 2014).

  • Students may not have a quiet, private place to watch videos and may be more easily interrupted during this time.

  • Students may not be able to easily pick up where they left off if they have to stop watching in the middle of a long video. Shorter chunks makes it easier to start and stop and track where you left off.