Zine Fest 2024

Creative, Thought-Provoking Expression Finds an Outlet Through Zines

The SAU was bursting with creative energy as students flocked to Zinefest [ZEEN-fest] on March 22. 

Zinefest is an event hosted by Hinda Mandell, Ph.D., a professor for the College of Liberal Arts School of Communication. The event, sponsored by the School of Communication, derives its name from the term zine (short for magazine or fanzine), used to describe a small self-published original work filled with artwork, text, or poetry that is mass produced via copying and folding. The first Zinefest was held in Wallace Library in 2017, and this year’s event marks its third occurrence. 

Every year, Zinefest provides RIT students, alumni, and local Rochester artists a chance to showcase their work. RIT alum Katarina Boss, a graduated Illustration major, used the event as a platform to sell her illustrations. “I’m excited to have opportunities with art in Rochester since I graduated,” says Boss. “It’s really exciting that my first opportunity is here."

Current RIT students Eden Handley, Mikayla Stolarsky, and Iris Robinson collaborated on a zine that the three showcased together at their own table. The three, who took a feminist theory class together, were inspired to collaborate on a zine when presented with a final project. Stolarsky expressed how important they believe Zinefest is for the RIT Student body as a creative outlet.“[Zinefest] builds community around creativity," she said.  

Professor Mandell believes that paper is a tremendous platform for public expression that needs to be utilized more in creative communities such as RIT. Says Mandell, “RIT is a community of makers, what better way to showcase that?”

More information about the zine scene at RIT plus a downloadable pdf to make your own.>


student holding a zine


students working on zines

a students hand holding a zine

a group of students at zine fest

— Reported by Hailey Fowler (‘25BS), double major journalism and advertising and public relations BS, College of Liberal Arts Student Reporter

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